Create beautiful, branded emails with drag and drop builder easily

Email designer

Bring your creativity, we’ll handle the rest. Use our simple and intuitive drag & drop Email Designer for creating beautiful emails that you can save for the future, or code your own template in HTML.

Template gallery

Our diverse collection of ready-to-use templates will help you create beautiful newsletters and other emails in minutes. Just pick a design that suits you and customize it to fit your needs.

Personalization features

Personalize your emails with your recipients’ information like their name or country, add social media widgets or insert javascript to take full advantage of your email communication.

Robustemail marketing automation

Powerful Email Automation

Contact management made easy

robust email marketing platform

Custom fields

Tag your audience with information such as their birthdays or interests that will let you personalize your communication and drive conversions by sending relevant content.


Automatically sort through your contacts’ email addresses to create powerful segments based on your audience’s information. Create better communication without manually sorting your list.

Contact pruning

Never waste another slot on a dead contact. Set up Elastic Email marketing services to automatically clean your audience of inactive recipients to keep your reputation high.

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